Altrix Hospitality is a complete IP-based Intelligent Communications System designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry.

Altrix Hospitality caters for Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses and Lodges that have anywhere between 10 and 10,000 rooms. There are a number of modules and sub-systems, many of which can operate autonomously, and are designed to seamlessly integrate, to provide the facility with superior, cohesive and intelligent communications including Telephone, Internet Hotspot, Security and Access Control.

Altrix Hospitality is built on a single hardware platform with all modules being added via software keys. The system is completely integrated and includes the following modules: Check In/Check Out; Call Accounting/ Invoicing; Room Stock System; Voicemail System and the Internet Hotspot System, amongst others. The PMS Interface/s link Altrix Hospitality to the Hotels Property Management System and all functions can be managed either directly on Altrix Hospitality or via the local PMS.

While being an industry leader, Altrix is highly configurable, extremely cost effective and efficient. As the next generation native VOIP and IP system, it is future-proofed and available today.

Altrix PBX (PBX Telephone System)

Altrix PBX is an IP/VOIP based PBX that supports both Analogue and IP Phones, offering standard functionality and a comprehensive list of advanced features.

The phones come with standard features including LCD, speed-dial buttons, hands-free/speakerphone, pin-code-access, customable face-plates and much more.

The virtual PBX system offers separate business entities their own ‘virtual’ PBX with all the advanced features that you would expect from a PBX and more.

Altrix TMS (Telephone Management System)

The Altrix Hospitality TMS is a user friendly management tool that enables Administrators to build, configure and maintain the hospitality’s communication systems to client specifications.

The Altrix PMS Interface provides 2 way communication with the likes of Micros Fidelio’s Opera, Protel, Amadeus, Hiltons OnQ, Hotelier and any other PMS that is compatible with Jazz Fusion. Guest billing is done on the Hotel’s PMS, or alternatively can either be invoiced via Altrix’s Call Accounting Module.

Altrix TMS includes a web based GUI management interface for events such as check in; check out; automatic posts; wake-up calls; room stock tallying and also incorporates a comprehensive billing and reporting engine.

Altrix VMS (Voice Mail System)

Once activated, this provides voicemail facilities on extension, whether that be for guests; staff or individual companies operating within the hospitality environment. Messages are retrieved via the telephone extension and/or emailed to a designated email address.

The ‘wake-up’ event forms part of the voice mail system and is programmable from the handset or TMS. Multi-language attendant is optional.

Altrix Auto-Attendant and Music-on-hold

Altrix Hospitality provides Auto-Attendant functionality (supports multiple companies) with simple to complex IVR; enabling a wide scope of auto-attendant use.

The beauty of this system is that it does not require any additional hardware. Music is uploaded from CD; DVD; USB or other sources into the audio repository and scheduled.

Any audio data file such as advertising promo material can be uploaded and scheduled as per requirements.

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