Altrix started in 2008 and was officially established in 2009. We started development on our Business PBX range and it grew from there.

While continually adapting to a dynamic market and ground-breaking regulatory changes, our proactive and systematic approach made it possible to continually improve & upgrade the quality of our products and solutions.

We grew from strength to strength . . . and with all our collective energy we grew Altrix to what it is today.

Who We Are:

Altrix specializes in providing PBX, Telephony, Intercom & Access Control Services to a variety of Environments including Residential, SME's, Corporates, Government Institutions and Multi-Tenant Developments.

We believe that total client satisfaction is delivered through integrity, expertise and responsiveness. Our management philosophy is to execute each and every project with this goal in mind.

With our tried and tested technical ability, professional skills, quality of service and streamlines cost effectiveness, Altrix provides all your Telecommunication requirements.

Our Mission:

"To become the Company of choice by providing the best solution to the marketplace"

Therefor, to provide our Partners with the products and tools necessary to strengthen the relationship and further improve our joint success.

We continually improve & upgrade the quality of services we provide. This means that our relationship with our Partners will enjoy the benefits of our continued and future efforts.


  • Altrix Billing Engine Developed


  • PBX Business Range


  • Altrix Hotsoft
  • PBX Billing Engine
  • Intercom & Access Control


  • PBX Billing Engine
  • Clientzone: Products & Services (Recurring, Termed and Once-Off)
  • Clientzone: Accounting Software Integration


  • Altrix Hotsoft
  • PBX Billing Engine
  • Intercom & Access Control


  • Hotels & Hospitality PBX
  • PMS Interface - Fidelio Opera
  • Clientzone: Data Billing
  • Clientzone: Security Authorization levels


  • PMS Interface - Amadeus
  • PMS Interface - Protel
  • Clientzone: Lead Generation and Sales Cycle


  • PMS Interface - Jazz Fusion
  • PMS Interface - Hiltons On-Q
  • Clientzone: Billing Escalations


  • PBX Multi-Tenant
  • Clientzone: R/$ Exchange Controls
  • Clientzone: Agent / Reseller Interface Portal


  • Clientzone: Follow up Tracking
  • Clientzone: Operations and Project Management


  • Clientzone: Inventory & Stock System


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