CRM Clientzone

Altrix controls day to day functions and manages client interaction.

Every organization requires a CRM (Customer Relations Manager) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application that manages client interaction and controls the day to day functions to ensure all core processes; workflows and employees are managed by the system.

Altrix Clientzone provides a leads generation and sales cycle that manages the client from the first call; through the installation process to billing; after sales support and ongoing maintenance and support using a comprehensive ticketing and reporting program.

Add client details (residential; business; agent; reseller); allocate products and services (once-off; recurring; termed; annually, quarterly etc); prepare quotes and project manage these through to product & service sign off.

Sales staff; agents; resellers can be setup to earn commission on once-off or recurring products and services, depending on your sales structure.

"Clientzone" is software based and is available online to ensure access for all users, whether they are in the office, at home or travelling etc.

Modules / Features
  • CDR / Usage Reporting
  • Follow up Tracking
  • Inventory / Stock System
  • Lead Generation and Sales Cycle
  • Agent, Reseller & Client Interface Portal
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Support and Ticketing / Call Logging
  • Operations and Project Management
  • Billing Engine for Voice & Data Services
  • Billing Escalations & R/$ Exchange Control
  • Recurring & Once-Off Products & Services
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