Altrix has an online Hotspot management system called Altrix Hotsoft.

The system can either be leased or entered into a share-revenue model with Altrix. The shared business model would depend on the value proposition and weight of risk required by either party

Altrix Hotsoft is a highly flexible Voucher Management System.

As a hotspot solution, it caters for just about any environment the hotspot venue wants to create for their guests.

The system comprises of an onsite router which authenticates user access by connecting to the Altrix Backend and automatically manages payments via the secure Netcash portal.

This Voucher Management System operates along with the internet service of your choice and the internal distribution network at your disposal.

Altrix can install hotspots in virtually any location under the following variables:

The hotspot at the target location is likely to be used often i.e. if it is a viable business model.

There is a broadband connectivity available as a network “feed”. The first choice of the value proposition would be a Altrix wireless data feed, due to the quality of service and provide a more robust end-to-end support requirement. ADSL would a secondary choice, followed by other alternatives according to site requirements if Altrix wireless is not available.

Hotspot Features
  • Allows Pre & Post-Paid Vouchers
  • Allows Both Debit Order & Credit Card Purchases
  • Distribute Vouchers via Printed Media, E-mail or SMS
  • Online User Interface Allows Voucher Management
  • Generate Vouchers, Check Voucher Status, Run Management Reports
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