Altrix Systems provides internal intercom and access control solutions.

Gated communities need a System to qualify everyone going in and out of their private environment i.e. they need to manage the entry and exit of residents, business owners, employees, guests, visitors, contractors and management etc and store all this information in a secure database.

Altrix Intercom and Access Control is a fully operational combination of hardware and software that manages this process via IP entry points or via existing / analog door and gate access equipment to minimise the cost of upgrades.

The Intercom System can be setup to be fully Automated (no guardhouse); Guardhouse managed (visitors sign in via Security entrance) or a mixture thereof.

Entry points can be individually programmed to allow specific users/residents to access those areas, with video interaction optional.

Altrix Installation Options

Internal (Physical SIP handsets are installed in each resident's home)

Mobile (Residents cell phones are linked to the system)

People want to enter the development, and gated communities want to ensure they "qualify" all individuals and create relevant record entries on an IP Intelligent Database driven software and hardware system.

Office blocks, business parks, hotels & hospitality, shopping centre's or any combination thereof can benefit by installing Altrix Intercom and Access Systems that operate on traditional legacy telecommunication networks or ideally on completely converged IP networks.

  • SIP vs Mobile
  • Online Client Interface
  • Time Based Access Codes
  • Single; Multi Pass Codes
  • Door & Gate Access Units
  • Online Management Interface
  • Online Generated Access Codes
  • Levels of Login Security Access
  • Access code SMS/Email confirmation
  • VoIP PBX Converged Intercom System
  • Interactive Voice Response Menu System
  • Fully programmable Gate/Door Access Units
  • Telephonic (internal & remote) Generated Access Codes
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